Speech therapy materials websites review

To uncover the best speech and language websites, we visit over websites each year. We deleted 5 sites from the list and added 5 completely new ones and welcomed back 3.

Here is a link to Speech and Language Pathology relevant websites that have made the list over the last 6 years. It takes a lot of time to assemble the list. We love to discover great content and share it. We also love it when we get links back to our site via a simple link, inclusion in a blogroll or by posting our Top badge see below for the code.

For those who do this, thank you. We are always on the lookout for new sites. You can nominate your own site, plenty do, or tell us about sites we may have missed. Here is our 6th annual list of the best speech and language websites that we think speech-language pathologists and parents of kids with speech and language disorders should follow this year. Blogs from some articulate, smart and creative speech and language pathologists who offer advice, lesson plans, crafting ideas, etc.

Resource websites that SLPs can use to find evidence-based research, clip art and jobs and much more. Websites that specialize in a particular disorder — Autism. Websites that focus on relevant technology.

The list is broken out in categories to make it easier to find the most relevant sites. General SLP Blogs. You need to go directly to their Facebook page where they are really active. Facebook Followers 3, Crazy Speech World — This is a site with a very positive vibe. Jenn keeps here blog active and consistently treats her 17, followers on her Facebook page.

And the content is consistently good. She added On-line Therapy last year. Check it out.Many children grow up with speech and language developmental delays, which can extend into adulthood if untreated, making it difficult to do well in school and in the workplace.

Speech-language pathologists earn their degrees to discover the origins of speech development delays, and how to help others work past them. Jump to a section with the links below. Many speech-language pathologists and parents of children with apraxia of speech have taken to blogging to share resources, teaching tips, and technology recommendations for making speech development easy and fun.

The sites below are the best we could find for anyone with an interest in speech-language pathology. These blogs cover the gamut of speech-language pathology topics, from different types of speech development delays in children, adolescents, and adults, to linguistics and SLP education. The author of this blog specializes in recommending iPad apps that can be useful in speech therapy. This blog chronicles the personal stories of a speech pathologist who also cares for a disabled husband and several children.

This is the official blog of a pediatric therapy practice. The therapists write about assorted issues that arise when providing therapy to children, including speech therapy studies and other hard data. The blog of a professional speech-language pathologist, Smart Speech Therapy features equal parts stories of success and difficulty in providing speech therapy to children, and recommendations for parents and other SLPs for useful activities, games, and tools.

This site is packed with resources for SLPs and parents of children who need speech therapy, as well as adult speech therapy tips. Many downloadable tests and tools make this site a great resource for anyone involved in speech pathology.

Speechlanguage-Resources offers free activities, ebooks, and other downloadable content for educators. A professional speech pathologists offers links to tools like iPad apps and other activities that are used in speech therapy, as well as general info about what it is like to work as a speech pathologist.

This blog features stories about innovation in the field of speech pathology, as well as recommendations for apps and links to other online resources. Jill Kuzma uses her site to promote both analog and digital games and applications for speech therapists, as well as linking to other online resources and spotlighting recent research and development in the field of speech pathology.

This site is specifically built for bilingual speech therapists who work in communities with more than one primary language being spoken in schools and homes. Blogging duties at Pathologically Speaking are shared by two speech-language pathologists, one with a background in education and the other with medical training. The pair writes about how to approach different speech-language challenges and offers links to other useful resources about similar topics. This site, written by a school-based speech-language pathologist, offers basic descriptions of speech and language disorders for the uninitiated, as well as links to resources and homemade educational games.

The author also writes about her experiences with students and other SLPs. The chronicle of a speech-language therapist working towards opening her own private practice, and creating plenty of activities and useful materials to share along the way.

As the official website of a speech and OT provider in Texas, this site specializes in connecting people who need speech-language therapy with teachers and pathologists in their area. This site is split into sections with info about speech therapy for kids and adults, online therapy, and recommended resources including books and software for those undergoing speech training.

The official website of a professional speech therapy practice, this site offers advice on how to get the best treatment for your particular speech issue. The official website of Speech Therapy Center Inc, the main purpose of this site is to help people get much needed speech therapy for themselves or their children. Though the practice is based in Miami, the site can be an informational resource for anyone seeking speech-language treatment.

Stuttering neurology, therapy, and recovery are the main topics of this blog.Aug 14, 1 comment. Do you start the year hoping and praying that the paperwork will lighten up and your schedule will magically take an hour to create? Are you fantasizing that there will be extra time to plan seamless therapy lesson for the upcoming months? The work load may never get lighter, but we can always find new resources that will help get the job completed with less stress and more smiles.

Today, I have 10 resources to help an SLP have a fabulous year. As a busy school based SLP, I need resources that will help me do my job well in a time efficient manner. When we have the resources to grow in our profession, we are happier, less stressed and more committed to our students.

Whenever I need therapy planning inspiration, I usually go here first. I love searching for resources just by typing in a theme or target area. If I had pinterest back when I first started, I know that my therapy would have been so much easier.

It has been such a life saver to find resources that I need specific for my caseload. You can find lots of resource goodies in my TPT store! Looking for ways to stay motivated and inspired? Everyone loved all the FUN that was happening in the group and asked that we keep it open. You can sign up to join HERE we would love to have you! If I had a question about a disorder or treatment area, this resource had a lot of useful information. Plus, you can get your CEUs covered, win, win! It also has an amazing scheduling tool that you create your caseload schedule and update weekly if you want!

I love that everything is digital, but can be printed for a paper trail. You can read more about my review HERE! Read Works is a free website that you can find reading comprehension texts by grade level, with answer keys! It has informational text and fictional text.

The passages will even let you know the key vocabulary in the passage. You can use these passages to teach vocabulary, grammar, progress monitor wh-question goals and use it for articulation carryover!

At the start of the year, you need to develop a behavior management system. You will probably tweak and change your system over the year. Having a plan for your expectations keeps everyone happy!One of the greatest things about speech therapy is that therapists can turn the simplest of things into a powerful communication tool.

Bubbles, boxes, buttons In teletherapy, our physical materials might be limited. However, there are amazing websites that can be used to promote communication skills for any age.

speech therapy materials websites review

I use online sources to target articulation skills, main idea, pragmatics, fluency and phonological development, often I've listed my favorite websites both free and paid below for you to bookmark as you begin your teletherapy journey. How you use each website is up to you, but hopefully you will find these just as helpful as I have.

Boom Learning : Boom Cards are interactive flashcards that provide immediate feedback to students, like a app, but more controlled. Epic: Online Books from Scholastic. Use your school email to create a free account! Perfect for Pre-K through high school. Memozor : Free memory games, because we know we can't get enough of those! Newsela: Current topics and articles to use with older students.

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Perfect for skills like main idea, details, answering questions, vocabulary, synonyms, and more! Tiny Tap : Activities for your youngest clients who need basic, interactive activities. OwlieBoo : Games and mouse activities for students who are just beginning to use technology, or need activities for basic vocabulary.

Quia: Create vocabulary quizzes and games for your students who can read. Or, view what others have already created!

National Geographic Kids: Games, videos and articles full of vocabulary for animals, science and history. ReadWorks: Articles and Stories with coordinating questions that target reading comprehension and higher level thinking skills. Super Teacher Worksheets: Worksheets for reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar and more!

Mommy Speech Therapy: Free downloads for articulation worksheets. Perfect for homework too! I create AAC Boards to screen share when modeling language for students.

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Highlights for Kids : Hidden picture activities are great for generating language, and articulation carryover. Primary Games: Fun activities to motivate students, online coloring, and more!

Jeopardy Labs: Think online Jeopardy! Find or create games of your own to work on vocabulary and more. Vooks: A kid-safe, ad-free streaming library of read-aloud animated storybooks.

Educators get a free subscription for one year. YouTube: Wonderful collections of videos to motivate students, encourage conversations, make inferences, etc.

Our favorites are Ellen's Epic or Fail, Pixar's Wordless videos, and anything from Disney that we can turn into a powerful therapy session.

Speech Therapy Cart Tour

Don't forget! You can also mirror your iPad with your favorite apps, search Pinterest for "teletherapy" or "no print speech" materials.

The Best FREE Teletherapy Websites, Games, and Materials for Speech Therapy with Kids

You can use those same search terms on Teachers Pay Teachers to find free and paid materials that you can use to target specific goals with students. Tags: treatment teletherapy Speech Materials Mixed groups. Featured Posts. Follow Me!And we know that sometimes, that means helping you find products and services from other companies. Here are some reviews for some speech-language pathology related businesses, products, and services that you may love!

10 Speech Therapy Websites That Will Help Busy SLPs

We add to this frequently, so please check back often! Many of the companies below have agreed to let us give discounts on their products or services to the members of The SLP Solution. Boardmaker Tools and resources that will help you quickly and easily create customized therapy materials and AAC materials.

Throat Scope Illuminated tongue depressors that have single-use blades for oral mech exams and work with clients. We all got into this field because we wanted to help. But high caseloads, tons of paperwork, and not enough planning time leads to burn-out and stress. We provide general resources but cannot tell you exactly what should be done for a specific client.

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Enable All Save Settings.They can be used during in-person and telemedince as long as you have access to Google Slides. Both methods of therapy have an important place and I worry that explicit teaching gets lost in the fun games and cute materials out there! However, when organizing my teletherapy language materials before each session, I had a hard time finding explicit teaching materials for language skills.

I was missing my books gathering dust in my office. Language skills tend to be targeted during literacy tasks i. Explicit telethearpy language resources - To fill this need, I turned to Google Slides once again. I made a slide that reviewed a skill and then made 10 or so practice slides.

I strongly believe that therapy should be a mix of explicit and implicit interventions. It is important to learn a skill and then practice it naturally and functionally. That is the only way to strengthen a newly learned skill! So far, I have:. Bridget is an ASHA certified, practicing speech-language pathologist. She is passionate about providing parents with information on child speech and language development as well as provide functional, easy activities to do at home! Parents have the power to make a real difference.

Follow Bridget at Facebook and Pinterest for more fun! Baby Talk. Toddler Talk. Toddler Talking 2. Preschool Talk 2. Sign Up. Target vocabulary with these great speech therapy winter vocabulary materials!

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However, it doesn't have a negative impact on the student's. Practice prepositions during the holidays with these fun, no-print activity for teletherapy. All rights reserved. Looking For Something? My Shopping Bag. Yes Please. Recent Articles. Search This Site. As Seen On.Jul 8, 2 comments. Having the right speech therapy resources for the busy SLP is important. When we have the tools we need, SLPs can serve students better and more efficiently.

I know my lesson planning is a lot easier because of the speech therapy resources I have found over the years. Slowly, I have been able to build my stash of helpful therapy tools.

The advancements with technology have really opened the doors for helping SLPs have access to speech therapy resources they need. Back when I was first starting out in the field inthere was no Pinterest. What YouTube channels do you love using with students? ReadWorks is a free website providing fiction and non-fiction reading passages by grade level. It will read a passage to a student and also includes pre-picked vocabulary that you can target in the passage.

You can also get comprehension questions with answer choices for each passage. You can create multiple choice questions or open-ended questions that will pause the video in the moment when you want to ask a question.

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I use this for wh- questions, inferencing, and vocabulary. VocabGrabber — Research continues to show that teaching students Tier II vocabulary words will help them grow their vocabulary skills. You can read the articles on your lunch break or listen in the car.

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You can also listen to the article reviews in the same fashion. This membership has helped build my clinical confidence and a big reason I am an affiliate for this subscription.

10 Resources To Help An SLP Have a Fabulous Year

It had FREE lessons and affordable therapy tools that I could literally buy and use within minutes of purchasing. When my district agreed to pay for my Super Duper orders, it took like months to actually get the materials. Check out the ones in my store HERE. If you need a good speech report template, visual supports, articulation carryover activities, and more, then join mine HERE.

When I need to come up with some words for language or articulation, I usually go there! They also have paid apps and resources on their site. SLPs that want to digitally have access to goals you can save your goals or they have tools to help you createhave present level assessments and progress monitoring tools digitally, then this website subscription is for you! Those of you that struggle with managing all the goals your students are working on may benefit from the Swivel Scheduler.

It allows you to set-up your speech schedule with your students goals.

speech therapy materials websites review

Need More Caseload Management Tips? One way that I utilize speech therapy websites is by streamlining systems. The first week back at work is when I get my caseload organized.

You can see my tips HERE. I wrote a post with all my helpful tips HERE. I am not sure if Google Drive is considered a website, but this has been such a game changer for saving me time and re-inventing the wheel.

This online tool has also helped me stay organized with report writing. I store all my templates in Google Drive now! I would love to know what speech therapy resources have been helpful for you. Please share any websites that you use on a regular basis in the comments or email me at feliceclark thedabblingspeechie.

speech therapy materials websites review

Amazing as usual! You provide the very best support, materials, resources, inspiration and humor!! Forever grateful!!

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